Pool Blankets

There is no wiser investment for long-term savings

If your pool is exposed to the elements, a pool blanket is an invaluable investment that will continue to save you money for as long as you own your pool. A quality pool blanket goes hand-in-pocket with a quality heat pump.

Here’s why they’re a great investment:

  • Water Consumption – They minimise water consumption because they reduce your pool’s evaporation rate. Left uncovered, your pool will lose between 100 and 200 litres of water every day. Pool blankets reduce water loss by up to 97%, thereby reducing the amount of water top ups required.
  • Reduce energy costs –  Evaporation and radiation will cause your pool to lose 90% of the heat generated by your heating equipment.
  • Reduce chemical costs –  Your pool’s chemicals and/or its salt need to adjust with every change in water level. By reducing the evaporation rate, you reduce your pool’s chemical costs.
  • Reduce maintenance costs –  Southeast Queensland’s winds will blow dirt and debris into your pool, which places stress on your filter and wear and tear on your cleaning equipment.
  • Environmentally responsible – They help to conserve water and reduce production of greenhouse gases.

Pool blankets are made of two different types of materials:

  • Thermal –  which keeps heat from evaporating.
  • Solar –  which provides better sun resistance and helps heat your pool. Solar blankets are constructed like bubble wrap, with more than 11,000 bubbles per square metre. Each bubble is heated by the sun, which helps heat the pool.

As Southeast Queensland swim season lasts roughly from September to April, pools are traditionally covered from May to August. However, you can lengthen your swim time with the right type of blanket.

Pool blankets come in two basic styles:

  • Automatic – Although a more costly option at approximately $1,200, automatic covers can be applied and removed at the touch of a button. They are made of strong mesh and can withstand more weight, making them less of a hazard for small children and pets who may be compelled to step onto it.
  • Manual – The most economical pool blanket option at approximately $600, manual blankets can be cut to fit any size and shape of pool. They are manually stretched across the pool and held in place with anchors placed along the pool’s edge. Unable to withstand even minimal weight, they will crumple into the pool under stress, thereby posing more of a hazard to children and animals.
  • Ecosavr liquid pool cover fish – Ecosavr plastic fish contain a patented Heatsavr solution, that when released through a valve in the tail, forms a thin layer of liquid protection against heat loss and evaporation. It’s biodegradable and odourless. Ecosavr is an inexpensive alternative to Heatsavr, perfect for residential pools.

No matter what material or style you choose, rest assured when you invest in a pool blanket you invest in long-term cost savings.

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