About Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems owners Steve Good and Sean Hanna met in 1999 when both were working on air conditioning projects. As both were qualified refrigeration engineers who had been in this Industry for some time, they decided to start their own air conditioning business shortly after meeting. After a few years running it, both felt like a change and an increased interest towards pool heating with heat pumps. They both had experience in New Zealand with pool heat pumps and started Heat Pump Systems in 2001.

They currently look after approximately 200 resorts along the Sunshine Coast. Sean controls the installation, servicing and maintenance areas of the business, while Steve oversees the sales and general running of the business.

What we do

We sell, install and service swimming pool and spa heating solutions that include heat pumps, solar heating and electric elements.

We pride ourselves in knowing each customer by name and are committed to providing quality service and guaranteed workmanship to all our residential and commercial clients.

If you’re considering a new heat pump, give us a ring. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to meeting you!