The Mirage Resort contacted us back in 2013 to give them a solution to the expensive swimming pool heating costs they were having to deal with each Year. We supplied and install a 120kW heat pump for the three swimming pools and a 21kW heat pump for the spa. After doing their own calculations following the first Twelve Months after installation, the Body Corp found they had a massive savings of $20,000.00 in running costs.

We were contacted again in Mid 2015 to look at potential cost savings to their hot water for the Resort Apartments. Each Tower had 6 x 400 L Electric storage tanks with 4.8kW Electric Elements in each tank.

Heat Pump Systems came up with a design to change each electric tank unit with a Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump.

Each Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses only 1kW to do the same heating load as the Electric tank units saving the Resort up to 80% in operating costs. The design was given the all go in December 2015 and the installation of 18 x Sanden Hot Water Heat Pumps was completed on the 4th March 2016.