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Sunshine Coast Recreation Camp

Heat Pump Systems was invited to present a quotation to remove the existing swimming pool heat pumps and to supply, install and commission replacement units. We were successful in winning the tender and proceeded with removing the existing heat pumps, supplying and installing Brand new Thermoplus Model THP135-3 swimming pool heat pumps. A larger recirculating… Read more »

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo administration for the Reptile section contacted us and invited us to submit a quotation to remove the existing heat pump and filtration system from the demonstration pond at the Crocoseum and to supply and install new equipment. We were successful with Our quotation. The system comprises of new filtration filters and pumps along… Read more »


The committee at the Pinnacles Apartments Caloundra contacted us wanting an economical hot water heating solution for their Apartments. After looking at what was currently heating their water we knew we could offer a far better solution. After being supplied with the appropriate data of water usage at different times of the day we could… Read more »


The Management at Clubb Coolum have had Heat Pump Systems servicing the swimming pool and spa heat pumps for over ten years and decided it was time for an update of the heat pumps for the swimming pool. Sean and I removed the existing units and fitted two of our Thermoplus THP31-3 Heat Pumps. The… Read more »

Pomona State School

In 2012 we were asked to put a quotation together for the School Committee to heat the outdoor 25M pool. After submitting the quotation the fund raising exercise was put into place. In mid 2014 the funding had been achieved. We were then given the green light to proceed with the installation of Our “Thermoplus”… Read more »


The Mirage Resort contacted us back in 2013 to give them a solution to the expensive swimming pool heating costs they were having to deal with each Year. We supplied and install a 120kW heat pump for the three swimming pools and a 21kW heat pump for the spa. After doing their own calculations following… Read more »


Coolum@the Beach Resort engaged Our Company to service their swimming pool heat pumps. The main pool heat pump was continually falling and costing a lot of money to keep operating. We replaced the failing heat pump with two of Our 55kW Thermoplus heat pumps and we now have a very happy customer.

Coolum Seaside Resort

The Coolum Seaside Resort have contracted us to complete the final change from gas and electric heating systems to heat pumps. This last installation was on their indoor spa. The cost savings will be well received by the Resort Owners.

Grand Pacific Resort Caloundra

Grand Pacific Caloundra were heating their main swimming pool and spa pool with bottle gas heaters and after realizing there were more cost efficient ways to heat the pool and spa we were invited to present a quotation to supply and install heat pumps. After a couple of meetings with Body Corp members of the… Read more »

Mirage Resort, Alexandra Headlands

In 2013 we were approached by the Management at the Mirage Resort to discuss the excessive swimming pool heating running costs they had with the LPG heating system. We suggested removing the LPG system and installing a heat pump to heat the 3 pools. After convincing the Committee of the expected savings in running costs… Read more »